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Peninsula Library


The Entire Peninsula Library is online at

In addition to Peninsula's own library, the LibraryThing allows us to add our own private libraries to the list, searchable by our members for lending. There is a drop-down menu on the far left that allows you to browse through the personal collections of members who have participated.  

Steps for borrowing:

1. look through the catalogue and find the book you'd like to borrow.

2. Contact Brother Joe Greco or Brother James Develin to reserve and arrange a time/place to transfer.

3. Decide on a reasonable time frame and put it in your Gmail Calendar/Yahoo Calendar, and it will be logged in ours as well with an alert.

4. You will be contacted on the return date.

Steps for allowing access to your own library:

1. Set up a time with myself or Bro. Develin when we can come by and scan your personal books in.

2. They will be added online immediately and sorted under your name.

3. If a brother contacts you to borrow one of your books I STRONGLY advise you follow steps 3 & 4 above to ensure you receive back your property.

On the top left of the page you can choose between the Peninsula Library and any individual brother's libraries. One piece of advice: Do not include anything you're not willing to lose, is probably the best rule to follow here.



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