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Omar S. Morris
Worshipful Master
Peninsula Lodge #99
My Name is Omar S. Morris, I am the Worshipful Master of Peninsula Lodge No. 99 F.&A.M. for the 2015 fraternal year.  

Freemasonry is the world's largest fraternal organization based on Faith, Hope, and Charity.  Our fraternity is unique because we are open to all religions.   Every member believes in God and asserts this belief but we are not a religious organization.   Our members represent all political affiliations but we are not a political entity. Putting politics and religion aside while we conduct our business allows us to meet and part without disrupting the peace and harmony of the lodge.   Masons come from all walks of life. We are teachers, business people, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, police, firemen, EMT's, barbers and deli-men. Our common purpose is "making good men better".  

We have two youth organizations, Demolay (young men ages 12 – 21) and Rainbow Girls (young woman ages 12 -21).  These youth groups are focused on instilling in our youth the same principals of Faith, Hope and Charity so that they grow in to responsible, God fearing, charitable adults.

Since 1924, members of our lodge have supported the community of Bayonne and neighboring cities.  We work hard to support the community through fundraisers and volunteer work.   If you are interested in finding out more about our organization stop any member wearing a Masonic emblem and Just ASK!!!

Ask One To Be One!!!


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